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How Air Coolers Can Make Your Summer More Enjoyable

Last updated Nov. 22, 2019

Summer is an exciting season for many reasons.

The long warm days are ideal for festivities.

Individuals who enjoy outdoor activities find the season exceptionally enjoyable.

In the midst of all the exciting characteristics of the summer months, the issue of excessive heat dampens the experience for many people.

In many places, it is extremely difficult to battle the dry heat that characterizes the season.

To take care of the summer heat, there are different methods adopted by different people.

In recent years, air coolers have become the choice machines for battling the summer heat.

For people who live in dry, hot climates, the machines are significantly friendly and offer several benefits.

Do you live in an environment where air coolers are efficient?

Here are ways air coolers can make your summer enjoyable:

1. You Can Enjoy Cool Sleep

After enjoying several activities during the day, having a cold night rest is one of the best things you may wish for.

Summer can be very harsh at night, however, and without an efficient cooling system in place, things can get pretty ugly.

Your air cooler will keep your home adequately fresh throughout the night, allowing you to sleep comfortably through the night time.

Portable air coolers allow you to achieve localized cooling.

This means that with the right air cooler, you can keep only your bedroom cool when you want to sleep.

Using an air cooler during the night in hot, dry climates is excellent for several reasons.

Unlike electric fans that can only circulate the air faster, air coolers lower the air temperature meaningfully.

They also work efficiently when your bedroom windows are slightly opened.

With improved ventilation and the use of air coolers at night, your summer night rests will be as cool as possible.


2. You Will Stay Cool All Day without Breaking the Bank

A good number of people cannot deal with the heat of the summer and it is not uncommon to see people blasting their air conditioners for several hours of the day and night.

This typically has a significant impact on the energy bill most households pay during the summer.

With an air cooler, it is possible to keep your home cool during the day and in the night without spending so much.

For a start, the machines are generally affordable and easy to install.

Air coolers are also very cost-effective.

They generally consume very little energy (some consume as little as 15 – 20% of what a standard air conditioner consumes to achieve the same amount of cooling).

The implication of this is that each household can obtain several more hours of air cooling without spending too much on electricity.

The overall cost of maintaining air coolers is also negligible when compared to the total cost of maintaining air conditioning systems.

3. Your Air Cooler Will Improve Humidity

Air coolers do not only cool the air but help to improve humidity.

It is an important characteristic for individuals who live in hot, dry climates.

Dry air affects humans in different ways: it is harsher to the skin and generally more discomforting.

Breathing in extremely dry air when you are involved in some physical activity in the summer can also hurt your body in different ways.

Air coolers use the natural evaporative cooling process to keep you cool and comfortable during the summer.

As the hot air is passed through the cooling pads, they cause evaporation of water from the pads.

As the resultant cool air is being pushed out from the machine, some molecules of water are attached to them.

It improves the amount of moisture in the air, improving overall comfort and prevent some of the issues associated with the dry air produced by air conditioners.


4. You Will Breathe Fresh Clean Air Always

While trying to stay cool during the summer, you also need to consider your health.

The quality of the air you breathe in plays a significant role in your overall health condition and that of your entire household.

While your air coolers, you don't have to bother much about the quality of the air you are breathing in.

For a start, the machines do not release any CFC or other chemicals that are associated with the refrigeration process of air conditioners.

They use water and air instead of refrigerants.

Another major reason air coolers release very clean and healthy air is the fact that they do not recycle the same air in any given space.

They require fresh air to keep the evaporative cooling processing going.

This means there will be a steady supply of cool fresh air for everyone using air coolers in their home, office space, or any space at all.

5. You Can Spend Comfortable Time in Outdoor Living Areas

Another major advantage of air coolers over air conditioners is the fact that they can be used in confined spaces as well as in open spaces.

Air conditioners only work efficiently when doors and windows are shut.

This is not the case with air coolers as they require a steady supply of fresh air to keep the process going.

When you have a portable air cooler, you can take anywhere you want and enjoy fresh cool air all summer long.

This type of air cooler is especially useful for individuals who love to spend some time in their outdoor living areas.

No matter the time of the day or night, you can enjoy your portable air cooler in any outdoor living areas, including poolside, deck, and patios.

6. You Will Enjoy Cool Air without Causing Any Harm to the Environment

If you are environmentally conscious, you may feel guilty using an air conditioner for several hours during the summer.

With an air cooler, there is nothing to worry or feel guilty about.

Air coolers are environmentally friendly: they are energy-efficient and employ the natural evaporative cooling principle.

Using them does not cause any meaningful harm to the environment.

Despite the excessive heat that is associated with summer, it is possible to enjoy the season.

Many people enjoy the summer in many ways.

With an air cooler to help improve the temperature condition, you can enjoy the season even more.

We have discussed a few ways the machine can be helpful for you this summer and hope you use it properly to enjoy all its benefits.

If you have any further questions, contact us and we would be pleased to help you.