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Air Coolers Improve Business Productivity

Last updated Sep. 15, 2016

As the seasons change and the heat climbs, our homes and businesses get miserable without air and proper ventilation. An air-cooled environment is crucial to the rate and quality of productivity in a business environment. Choosing an air conditioner or air cooler is a difficult decision. This will be the device that will keep your employees happy and work well. Air conditioners are fine and keep the environment cool but as also expensive to run and maintain. Air-coolers on the other hand, offer a basket full of benefits that will help both the employee and the employer alike.

Investing in an air-cooler for your business will not only raise the morale of your company but will also improve your production rate and the quality of work that you will get out of each employee will be over and above anything that you would imagine. Let us tell you how an air cooler system will benefit your business and bring out the most in work environment and production rate.

Cost Effective:


Air coolers are the right choice for your budget. They are more economic than air conditioners and are sturdier with a low maintenance level whereas air conditioners can break down quite frequently. Air coolers do not eat up the electricity like conditioners do. They run on a fraction of the electricity. They also run on water. Their system sucks the air through water into its tank, which in turn cools the air then blows it out through the vents offering pleasantly cool environment. This type of system can usually be fixed by the owner when it breaks down.

Air Quality


Cleaner air creates a healthier workspace and increases productivity in your business. Clean air increases brain response and makes for more alert employees. It also cuts down on pollutants in the air that cause illness and allergies. Air coolers are the easiest way to create clean air. They are constantly pulling in clean air from the outside to cool then distribute through the system, which means clean healthy air being fanned out on a regular basis. This air is clean and refreshing. Air conditioners, on the other hand, can leak harmful gases into the air. They do not re-ventilate the air; instead, they redistribute the same stale air over and again, which causes a lot of dirt and bacteria buildup to be re-vented out into the work environment.

It is also very easy to maintain the clean air quality by regularly cleaning your air cooler. This can be done by removing the air filters and hosing them off then letting them dry before replacing them back into your system. Next, clean the water tank. There are a few other steps that your system’s manual will clearly describe. It is by far and large cheaper to maintain than air conditioning units. Air coolers also produce a cool and very slightly humid effect to your air making it softer to breathe. This cuts down on allergies and dry air-related health issues.

Better Production


Science has proven that by keeping your business a degree or two below the comfortable level will increase your production rate by 15%! Cool workers are happy workers in the summer time. Workers are more alert at this temperature, giving a healthy boost to overall production. This temperature also goes a long way to cut down on diminishing air born viruses from spreading.

Ecologically Friendly

Today an ecologically friendly business draws attention in the community. Air coolers provide such an “eco-friendly” environment. Because they are operated on mostly water, they are friendly to the outside air that we breathe, causing far less pollution to pass into the air. In hot and dry climates air coolers are best because they cut down largely on the amount of electricity used and add that small humidity to the air which is better for overall health.

This cooling system has proven itself time and again as the best type of unit to use in the workplace for both employer and employee. There are different models available in the market today. Simply choose the one that will fit the needs of your business and get it installed. The instalment is easy and the whole process is extremely cost effective. Upgrade your air-cooling conditions and it will increase your business’s productivity to improve your profits!

If you have any further questions, contact us and we would be happy to help you.