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Air Coolers the Right Cooling Solution for Your Office

Last updated March. 08, 2019

In most places, the summer months are too hot and too uncomfortable for individuals.

At homes and offices, the temperature situations are often too high that productivity is threatened when adequate measures are not taken.

Addressing the temperature condition at such times becomes paramount for every business owner and management.

The need to keep the office space cool is not only necessary to keep the personnel using it comfortably and maintain productivity level.

It is a necessity if you want to be healthy and keep those working with you in your office space healthy too.

It is a known fact that workers that work under terrible temperature conditions are more likely to call in sick and spend less time at work. Some heat-related illnesses can be very dangerous too.

While looking for a cooling solution for your office space, there are a lot of factors you need to consider.

Though the major goal should be efficient cooling of the space, you should also look at other important factors like the overall cost of the process and the impact on the environment.

Among the different cooling solutions you can deploy in your office space, the air coolers are the best on so many grounds.

If you are still skeptical about this solution, we will discuss the major reasons why you should consider it ahead of others.


Air Coolers Are Suitable To Open Spaces

In terms of the ability to meaningfully reduce the temperature of a place, the air cooler and the air conditioner are the most efficient cooling solutions.

The air conditioner, however, has a limitation when it comes to cooling open spaces. The machines require the space it has to cool to be closed. When space is opened, cooling cannot be efficient.

Rather than cooling an opened office, an air conditioner will waste a lot of energy and the temperature condition will not be meaningfully improved.

Commercial air coolers are designed to work excellently in large open spaces. This makes them ideal for most open offices.

While using them, there is no need to shut your doors and windows as you are required to do while using air conditioners.

It is the perfect solution for offices with outdoor or open spaces as well as commercial spaces where people have to enter and exit freely.

Commercial Air Coolers Are Easy To Maintain

When looking for a cooling solution for your office space, you wouldn’t want to end up with machines that are difficult to maintain.

Having such machines means you will spend so much time thinking and caring about the machine rather than engaging in productive activities.

Since they have simple designs and very few moving parts, maintaining them is super easy. The chances of wear and tear are very minimal and they require just air and water to function.

You don’t have to worry about chemicals and pressurized gas for cooling.

The fact that commercial air coolers are easier to maintain also means maintenance cost will be minimal when compared to the maintenance cost of an air conditioner.

The machine will need fewer scheduled maintenance and the cost of each exercise will not be excessive. Once it is properly installed, things can go smoothly.


Commercial Air Coolers Offer Cost-Effective Solution

The cost-implication of running an air cooling solution in your workplace needs to be considered thoroughly.

The fact that you want your office space to be comfortable and conducive doesn’t mean you have to spend excessively to have it so.

It is always better to go for cost-effective solutions as it will affect your overall profit margin.

Using air coolers for commercial space is a lot cheaper than using air conditioners even though they get the job done perfectly.

For a start, the machines are a lot cheaper in terms of purchase price. You may need more than a single unit depending on the size of the office space and the size of the cooler you are buying but the overall price is not always high.

The machines also demand very little in terms of installation. Even when you hire experts to install them, it is always cheaper to install than air conditioners.

Commercial Air Coolers Are Energy Efficient

It may not occur to you at the initial point but once you have a cooling solution in place in your office, it will become part of your cost factors.

Running the machines to keep the office cool demands electricity and you will have to pay for the amount of electricity they consume.

This is the major reason while the use of air conditioners in offices are not often encouraged: they consume too much energy and this reflects on the energy bill.

Unlike air conditioners, commercial air coolers are known to bring energy efficient. This is basically due to the method they use in achieving cooling.

The evaporative cooler process does not consume too much electricity.

In fact, it has been variously reported that air coolers use 80% less electricity to achieve the same amount of cooling like air conditioners.

On the long run, this will help you to save so much without compromising on the quality of cooling you obtain in your office space.


Commercial Air Coolers Are Eco-Friendly

The issue of eco-friendliness is most common among environmentalists but it is something every business owner and management need to consider.

The impact of climate change and environmental pollution and degradation affects us all. It is everyone’s responsibility, therefore, to help to combat it.

The use of commercial air coolers instead of air conditioners is a step towards minimizing the negative impact of human activities on the environment.

The air cooler is an eco-friendly cooling solution due to a number of reasons.

Instead of the refrigeration method that uses refrigerants and other chemicals, the evaporative cooling process uses the natural elements of air and water.

This also means that they do not release CFCs and other harmful substances to the environment like air conditioners.

The fact that they also consume very little electricity means that they are not putting much pressure on the energy grid and the need to burn fossil fuel.

There are so many reasons to use commercial air coolers to control the temperature situation in your office space.

Asides from the fact that they offer sustainable cooling at an affordable cost, they are also good for your immediate environment and the entire planet.

If you have any further questions, contact us and we would be happy to help you.