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Air Coolers for Business and Factories

Last updated Oct. 19, 2017

Evaporative air coolers are great for homes. They keep the house cool and comfortable using natural methods that are cheaper than air conditioning and are better for the environment. That is all well and good for the family home but what about businesses and factories?

Can evaporative air coolers cool these large spaces efficiently? Would it be beneficial to change to air coolers?

We have put together some pros and cons about using an industrial air cooler in the workplace. These are guidelines for your business to see if this cooling system is right for you and your needs.

First, let’s examine how an industrial air cooler works. Evaporative coolers operate by bringing in warm air from outside and cooling it over water soaked pads before distributing the cooled air inside the business or factory.


They operate on direct evaporative cooling or an open circuit method. This functions by lowering the inside temperature and adding a degree of humidity to the air by use of the latent heat of evaporation which changes liquid water to vapour.

During this process, the air’s energy does not change. Warm dry unpleasant air is turned into cool moist and comfortable air to cool off inside temperatures. The whole process is quite simple and the system works on natural elements of air and water with no harsh chemicals added. These cooling systems come in large industrial sized units sometimes called desert coolers.

Be sure you choose the right sized cooler for your business.  They can be purchased too small and will not adequately cool your entire facility. Air coolers that are too large will not cool the air better but will not work as efficiently as they should for you.

To purchase the correct size, you will need to know your square footage of your building to determine the Cubic Feet per Minute of air needed to properly cool your facility. Each building will need its own unit.


Some Pros offered by the evaporative air cooler for the workplace include these gems for thought:

  • Evaporative cooling is significantly cheaper to install and run than the standard industrial air conditioner. These units can be installed by the owner.
  • The energy consumption is much lower. This is a drastic improvement over the energy consumed by air conditioning units.
  • Air coolers provide a comfortable work environment. Air coolers help increase employee productivity, since the workplace is kept nice and cool. The air cooler will keep this level of comfortability to keep production up and employees satisfied.
  • They provide a smaller carbon footprint than air conditioners.
  • Air coolers can reach and cool areas that would otherwise go unreached and too warm for comfort.
  • Oxygen levels are higher while running an air cooler. The evaporative cooler provides 100% fresh non-recirculated air. This delivers healthier oxygen to the work environment which increases brain concentration and focuses not to mention a wealth of health benefits.
  • These systems are environmentally friendly. Evaporative air coolers do not require harmful refrigerants like CFC’s and HCFCs to cool the air. No greenhouse gasses are emitted into the air. This can be very important to manufacturing.
  • Repairs are rare. Evaporative air coolers need little maintenance and when they do break, they do not need expensive repairmen to service them. Most repairs can be done by the owner. Their mechanism is simple and they have fewer working parts to deal with than an air conditioning unit.
  • Air coolers provide a softer air that is easier to breathe.
  • Air coolers help to reduce the thermal load of heavy machinery where they are used.


Wherever there are pros there are also cons. We are always honest with our customers and will give you the list of cons to the air cooler as well so you can make an informed decision on whether the air cooler is right for your business environment. Cons to the air cooler include:

  • Evaporative coolers are not as effective in humid climates. They do work best if they are in dry and hot areas. This is not to say that they will not cool your environment sufficiently. Evaporative air coolers work at their best when humidity levels outside are 60% or lower. When humidity gets higher the evaporative cooling system will cool inside temperatures down about 10-20% lower than outside temperatures.
  • A tiny bit of moisture is added to the air with the evaporative cooler. This can be beneficial on a lot of levels, however, if you are manufacturing products that require a controlled moisture level, you may want to take this added moisture into account. The water content in the air will condense and this phenomenon may affect the machinery in your factory.
  • Bacteria can grow in the tank of the water cooler. This can be stopped by keeping the air cooler clean and maintained. There are also disinfectants that can be added to clean the tank and keep the water clean. Which can be monitored and controlled.

Industrial air coolers come with a mountain of benefits for every business and factory. Air coolers only offer a cheaper and viable solution for cooling the workplace.

Going green has never been so easy or so cost effective as the air cooler. Customers like a business that actively thinks about our environment the way the innovative evaporative air cooler continues to do.

If you have any further questions, contact us and we would be happy to help you.