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What Makes Air Coolers Better Than Other Cooling Devices?

Last updated April. 03, 2020

Generally, we understand why we need to stay cool during hot weather conditions. Besides the need for comfort, we need to protect ourselves from the adverse effects of high temperature.

From the dawn of time, people have been exploring different options to improve the comfort level and stay safe during harsh weather.

The different efforts over the centuries have resulted in a number of devices, including air coolers, ceiling fans, air conditioners, and few others.

In the modern age, different kinds of fans, air coolers, and air conditioners are around the world to keep homes, offices, business places, and other habitable spaces cool for humans and pets, in some cases.

The air cooler is currently regarded by most as the best air cooling machine among these devices and few other cooling systems. Do you agree with this?

Do you really know why air coolers are so popular? Here, we will explain what makes air coolers better than other cooling devices:


They Use Natural Elements to Offer Natural Cooling

Though they are powered by electricity, everything else about air coolers is natural. They operate through the natural principle of evaporation, using air and water to cool the environment.

This is a significant advantage when you consider the fact that their closest alternatives, air conditioners, use chemical refrigerants to cool the air. While the method is super-efficient, it is not so healthy.

The natural evaporative cooling process is simple and straightforward. The cooling pad of the machine works with the fan system to draw hot, fresh air into the machine.

The hot air is passed through the cooling pads, which are always damp. During the process, heat energy from the hot air is used up to cause evaporation of water.

This results in a cool air that has some layer of moisture attached to it. The fan system of the machine pushes out the cool, moist air into the environment.

There is no chemical interference at any point, and the process is repeated over and over again. The air remains fresh and healthy.

They Are Mostly Affordable

Air coolers are mostly affordable. The unit price of an evaporative air cooler will be significantly lower than the unit price of an air conditioner of the same capacity.

This means you will save a lot of money when you buy air coolers instead of air conditioners. Again, air coolers are generally easy to install.

Some units come with every hardware needed for installation, and some owners can simply follow the installation instruction to get things done.

Maintaining an air cooler is also easier and way cheaper than maintaining an air conditioner. Air coolers are generally simple machines with few moving parts.

Whenever there is an issue, it is easy to diagnose and correct the problem. Owners will be able to handle some maintenance issues on their own.

Even when technicians have to be involved, the cost will be minimal since the maintenance or repair will be easy.


They Are Highly Efficient Devices

Air coolers efficient machines. While they may not cool the air as well as air conditioners will do in some places, they are quite efficient.

They are far more efficient than fans, geothermal cooling/heating systems, and other cooling systems currently used by man.

As long as they are properly maintained, and there is an adequate water supply, air coolers will work efficiently.

Another good reason they are even considered more useful than air conditioners is their versatility.

While air conditioners can only be efficient when used in an enclosed area, air coolers work in confined spaces as well as in an open environment.

Air conditioners cannot function efficiently when doors and windows are opened, but air coolers can work efficiently even in an outdoor living area, including hallways, restaurants, and other such places.

They Consume Very Little Energy

While trying to stay cool, it is also essential that you do so without causing yourself, your family, or your business financial stress.

Running air conditioners at full speed during summer will make you enjoy your home or office so much, but it will come at a price you may not be too comfortable to pay.

Air conditioners run up energy bills quickly due to the amount of energy they consume.

Air coolers generally have a very simple design. This simplicity translates to the way they work and the amount of energy they consume.

They are all classified as energy-efficient, and some may use less than 15% of the electricity used by a typical air conditioner to achieve the same level of cooling. If energy-efficiency is your priority, there is no need to even think about it: air coolers consume very little electricity.


They can Help Indoor Air Quality

When air coolers are used properly, they offer so many benefits, and some pertain to your health and that of individuals around you.

As long as you maintain the water level in the tank or any other source and run the machine as it should be run, some of the impurity in the air can be filtered out when they get to the cooling pads of the machine.

As mentioned earlier, air coolers do not recycle the same air in a room. They work by taking up hot fresh air from the environment and giving out cool fresh air and so air coolers can help improve air quality.

The stale air in the room is displaced/pushed out by the fresh air to keep the air quality high and healthy.

They Are Environmentally Friendly

In the modern world, the need to go for environmentally friendly products and processes cannot be overemphasized.

Air coolers are environmentally friendly due to the way they are designed and how they work.

They do not hurt your immediate environment by any means, and they do not hurt the earth in any known direct manner.

When there is an environmentally-friendly alternative to get things done, there is no need to go back for the ones that hurt the earth.

Air conditioners hut our world in many ways and you will be doing your generation and the future a lot of favour by making the right decision.

Air coolers are wonderful for many reasons. The points above are just to discuss what makes them better than the other available cooling devices.

We hope that a good understanding of these wonderful machines will lead you to make the right decision when shopping for an air cooling solution.

If you have any further questions, contact us and we would be happy to help you.