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Air Cooler Vs. Air Conditioner: Which Is Better And Why?

Last updated Dec. 18, 2020

We all understand that it is very important to stay cool when summer comes.

In most places, it can be dangerous to stay indoors without an efficient air cooling solution. For most people around the world, the air conditioner is the most viable cooling machine. How about air coolers?

Air coolers are fast becoming as popular as air conditioners. In a world where there is serious concern about our planet and what we can do to preserve it, this is understandable.

If you know about air coolers, you will know that they are considered friendlier to the environment than air conditioners.

Beside environmental friendliness, how exactly do air coolers compare to air conditioners?

The arguments are becoming quite common these days. People want to know more so that they can make informed decisions. On our part, we will always try to help.

Comparing air coolers and air conditioners can be a little challenging since there are many things to consider. In this post, we will try to compare the two machines based on some of the measures that matter most to users.

In the end, you should get a better understanding of the two machines and decide the one that suits you.


1. Price

This is the first thing most people will think of when buying any home appliance. It is also an important factor to consider when you need to make a choice between two solutions.

Price is a determining factor when you are looking at air coolers and air conditioners because the difference is obvious.

Air coolers are relatively inexpensive. When compared to air conditioning system, they are way cheaper, which is why most households prefer them.

If you are on a budget, an air cooler is your best option.

2. Installation

In addition to the purchase price, the cost of installation is another important thing to keep in mind, unless it is included as part of the deal.

Comparing the air coolers and air conditioners in this regard will also favor air coolers.

Air coolers are very easy to install. Mostly, they also come with everything you will need to install them.

If you follow the instructions carefully, you will be able to install your machine with ease. Even if you call technicians to help you do it, the cost should not be too high.

Air conditioners, on the other hand, are relatively hard to install and will need professional HVAC technicians to get it right. The cost will also be significantly higher than what you will pay to have air coolers installed.


3. Maintenance and Repair

Air coolers are easier to maintain and repair. This is another critical area they beat air conditioners. You don’t want to have a cooling system that will cost you so much to maintain.

Some individuals will even be able to maintain their air coolers most of the times.

Since air coolers have a few moving parts, getting them fixed when they break down will be easier too.

The parts are mostly inexpensive too, so you won’t be spending too much to repair your machine when it breaks down.

4. Running Cost

Besides the purchase price, maintenance and repair cost, air coolers are also very cheap to run. They consume significantly less energy than air conditioners.

This means they will significantly reduce how much you spend to keep your home or commercial building cool during summer.

Most air coolers consume less than 20% of the energy a traditional air conditioner will consume. That means you can save as much as 80% of what you will spend when you choose such air coolers.

5. Efficiency

This is where most people feel air conditioners perform better than air coolers.

Indeed, air conditioners can achieve ore temperature drop than the average air conditioner. They are both considered relatively efficient when the conditions are okay.

Another major issue with air coolers is that they do not work efficiently in humid environments. This is because they also add water to the air as they try to cool it.

When there is moisture build-up, their efficiency is significantly affected. They are not recommended in a highly humid environment.


6. Air Quality

If you are concerned about the quality of the air you breathe, you will be safer investing in air coolers than air conditioners.

Air coolers use evaporative cooling, which is a natural process while air conditioners make use of the refrigeration process that involves some chemicals.

Air coolers also help to purify the air that passes through them. The evaporative surface (cooling pads) can remove some of the impurities in the air as it passes through them for cooling.

This means it can improve the quality of air that it pumps out. It also adds water to the air, which makes it more breathable in dry climates.  

7. Portability and Flexibility

Depending on where you live and your lifestyle, portability is a factor you should consider seriously.

This is something you will get easily with most air coolers. Portability facilitates flexibility, which is something many homeowners look for.

What is so important about portability?

Well, if you have used an air cooler before, you will have the perfect answer to this question. Imagine using the same air cooler you used in the kitchen in your outdoor relaxation spot.

That is what a portable air cooler can do for you. They are easy to move.

8. Additional Features

It is a little hard to compare air coolers and air conditioners based on additional features. Depending on the model you decide to buy, you can get advanced features with either of the two.

There are highly advanced air conditioners that will dwarf air coolers when it comes to smart technologies.


9. Environmental Friendliness

If you are concerned about our planet, you will want to think twice before choosing a cooling solution. You really don’t need to think too much about which one to choose as the difference is so much.

Air coolers are highly regarded as eco-friendly machines. They use only air and water, through the natural evaporative process, to achieve cooling.

They consume little amount of energy in the process. They also release no dangerous chemicals to the air. Overall, they are much more environmentally friendly.

We have compared air coolers and air conditioners based on the most important criteria buyers consider when making decisions.

From all indications, air coolers are the better options. It is still up to you to choose what you want, but consider all the points raised here before making a decision.

If you have any further questions, contact us and we would be happy to help you.