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Is Air Cooler Necessary For Pets?

Last updated Feb. 07, 2020

Concerned new pet owners always have a lot of questions for vets and others who have lived with pets for years.

One of the questions that they ask often is whether their furry friends need air conditioning or other forms of air cooling solution.

Considering that most people who ask these questions are individuals who know little about pets and are just concerned about giving their pets the best lives, they can be forgiven.

It is also understandable that some people will question the rationale of leaving the air conditioner on for a pet even when they are away from the house.

Air conditioning is so expensive that many will even go some hours without them to keep escalating energy bill in check.

This is just one of many reasons why air coolers are considered better for humans as well as pets.

Air coolers, unlike air conditioners, are energy-efficient machines that are most effective in hot dry climates.

Invented several centuries ago, these machines use the principle of evaporative cooling to achieve air cooling which improves comfort level for humans and pets.


Back to the Question

So, is air cooler really necessary for pets? The honest, simple answer to the question is yes, air cooler is necessary for pets, especially our precious dogs and cats.

Understanding these animals and how they feel during the hot summer days will make you pity them and take the necessary steps to make them comfortable when the temperature becomes an issue.

To give this topic the necessary attention it deserves and help you take better care of your pet, we will answer other related questions:

Do Pets Suffer During the Hot Season?

Dogs and cats suffer more during the summer months than humans. While we are all exposed to the same environmental factors, pets are at a disadvantage when it comes to combating the heat.

Sweating is one an important natural mechanism we use to stay cool when the temperature gets high but our furry friends hardly sweat.

They may sweat a little through their paws but their bodies are covered with furs which they can’t just do away with.

Grooming your pets can be helpful in the summer but it doesn’t do enough to keep them cool.

If you observe pets, you will notice that they become very uncomfortable as the temperature begins to rise.

Dogs will start panting rapidly to combat heat while cats may lay down flat in an attempt to beat the heat.

If you have a fan switched on in the room, you may notice that your pet will go to lay in front of them. But do fans really help them?

It does, but only slightly and in instances when the temperature is not too high. Beyond a certain level, dogs and cats will not derive any comfort from fans.

This is majorly because their bodies do not dissipate heat as the human body does, and since fans do not really cool the air, they will not obtain any cooling from it.


Will Air Cooling be Helpful for Pets?

If you know a little about air coolers, your guess will be as good as mine here. Air cooling will truly be beneficial to pets.

The evaporative cooling process brings down the ambient temperature and this means the environment can be improved for humans as well as pets.

The process involves the interaction of hot air and water molecules on evaporative surfaces called cooling pads.

The resultant air from this interaction will be significantly cooler than the surrounding air. The air is also missed with moisture before it is pumped out into the space that needs to be cooled.

With cool moist air being pumped out from evaporative coolers constantly, the stale hot air within any space will be displaced by the cool fresh air. This will be more comfortable for pets and humans too.

What will Air Cooling Do for Pets?

The most important thing air cooling will do for your pet is the prevention of overheating.

During the hottest times of the day, your pets are at risk of suffering heatstroke, which is a fatal heat-related issue. With air cooling, this can be prevented.

Excessive heat can also drive your pet to restlessness when help is not coming in any way.

In instances where there is no one in the home, some pets may get injured during the height of restlessness or damage things in the home.

Providing air cooling will keep them comfortable and out of harm’s way.


Why is Air Cooling the Best for Pets?

Just as air cooling is considered the best solution for people who live in hot dry climates, it is also considered the best for pets.

The reasons are not far—fetched. As established earlier in this article, air conditioning is too expensive and there is no reason to go for them when air cooling is efficient in any geographic location.

With air cooling, you can keep your pets cool for longer hours without incurring huge energy bills.

The fact that air coolers add some level of moisture to the air is also beneficial to pets. Dry air is not good for pets and the improvement in humidity will make most of them feel even more comfortable.

Air coolers are also very easy to use. Portable air coolers can be used anywhere around the home, meaning you can place it at the part of the house the pets love to spend time.

The flexibility offered by the portable models means you can use them for your pets anywhere and anytime.

Ways to Help Your Pets During the Summer?

Air cooling is super important to save your pets from heat-related conditions and general discomfort.

There are a few other things you can do, however, to make your pets more comfortable. The most significant ones include:

  • Making sure that they have access to fresh cool water at all times
  • Keeping a cool-it-mat or a wet towel where they can find them
  • Offering them a bet during hot afternoons
  • Avoiding exercises and physical activities when the temperature is too high
  • Giving them refreshing cool treats like ice-creams and popsicles appropriate for pets
  • And not leaving them alone for too long even when the air cooler is working.

Air cooling is definitely necessary for pets. There is hardly anything your furry friends can do to stay cool in the summer and it is up to you to help them beat the heat and stay healthy.

If you have any further questions, contact us and we would be happy to help you.