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Air Cooler Maintenance Checklist

Last updated Jan. 04, 2019

The popularity of air coolers is on the rise. The machines are well-known for their ability to keep residential homes and commercial spaces cool in the most cost-effective manners.

There are so many reasons to choose them as air cooling solutions over air conditioners.

Aside from being more economical to purchase and operate, they produce better quality air, are more eco-friendly, and are easier to install and maintain.

Using air coolers in your home offers so many benefits that you cannot afford to forfeit.

To get the best out of your air cooler, however, you need to maintain the machine properly.

Like other appliances in your home, the machine needs to be taken care of if you want it to function optimally.

A poorly machine will undoubtedly perform poorly but a well-maintained air cooler will keep your house cool.

Knowing that maintenance is important, how do you approach it? The good news is: maintaining a air cooler is simpler than many assume.

Knowing the things to do and doing them in a timely manner will not only help to keep your machine working efficiently to keep your house cool but will also keep it in a great condition for an extended lifetime.

Here, we will elaborate on the air cooler maintenance checklist that will help you in taking good care of your machine.


1. Clean the Exterior of the Unit Thoroughly

Proper maintenance of the air cooler starts from the exterior of the machine.

You need to keep it looking clean for several reasons. The first reason is that proper exterior cleaning makes your air cooler to look good all the time. This is not all, however.

A clean exterior is also important when you want to prolong the life of the unit. Thorough cleaning of the exterior of your air cooler should be done on a weekly basis.

This should be done when the unit is not in operation. It is a simple process: use a soft damp cloth to wipe down the surface of the machine. You can use a very mild soap to do this.

Avoid the use of strong detergent or abrasive chemicals as they can damage the surface of your air cooler.

Also, endeavor to keep your air cooler away from direct sunlight as it can damage the exterior too.

2. Replace the Cooling Pads Regularly

The cooling pads are the actual media where evaporative cooling occurs. The condition of the pads determines, to a great extent, the efficiency of the evaporative cooling process.

When you have cooling pads that have thinned out, the efficiency of your machine will be greatly affected in a negative manner.

You need to make sure that the pads are in great condition at all time. If they don’t appear to be, change them immediately.

It is generally recommended that you change the cooling pads of your air coolers at the beginning of the cooling season and during mid-season maintenance.

Depending on the quality of your water supply, there may need to check the condition of the cooling pads more regularly. If they are found to be cracked or in any worse shape, they should be replaced.


3. Clean the Water Tank Regularly

The condition of the water tank has a direct effect on the quality of air the air cooler will be giving out.

If the tank has turned to breed grounds of some microorganisms, your indoor air is bound to have a good number of these microorganisms and that will have health consequences.

You also need to pay serious attention to the water tank of your air cooler if you live in an area with hard water.

While cleaning the water tank is compulsory at the beginning of the cooling season, it may also be necessary during the cooling season if the quality of your water is not too great.

You need to start by draining the water in the tank, then you can proceed to rinse the tank with mild, soapy water before flushing it with clean water.

This will not only improve the efficiency of the machine but will also improve the quality of your indoor air.

4. Maintain Proper Water Level

The evaporative cooling process needs water and when it is not being supplied the right way, the entire process will be negatively impacted. You need to maintain the proper water level in the water tank.

To make this happen you need to frequently check the water level when the machine is in operation.

The water level needs to be at the proper level at all times and the water line should be a little below the top of the tank. If the water is not at the right level, you can adjust the float arm accordingly.


5. Use Water Treatment Tablets

There are several reasons to use water treatment tablets for your air cooler. If your water supply is hard, there is a need to use these tablets to prevent mineral build-up in your tank.

You may also need water treatment to control corrosion. Water treatment tablets are also important when you want to freshen up the cool air coming out of your evaporative cooler.

There are some evaporative cooler manufacturers that recommend the use of water treatment tablets too.

6. Shutdown and Proper Storage

When the cooling season is over, there is a need to store the air cooler away. This process involves shutting down the system, cleaning the air cooler parts thoroughly and putting it away.

You have to start by turning off the unit; unplug it from a power source; turn off water supply, and drain the water tank.

Clean the water tank the normal way, clean the filter too and every other part and let the entire machine dry completely.

Wrap the cord around the cord hooks if it is available. Pack your air cooler in its original carton or any other good carton that will contain it and store it in a cool, dry area.

Air coolers offer cost-effective cooling solutions. Maintaining your air cooler unit will ensure that it delivers efficient cooling when you need it.

You will also prolong the life of your machine when you do it right. Follow the process above to care for your machine always and you can be sure of efficient cooling at all times.

If you have any further questions, contact us and we would be happy to help you.