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Does an Air Cooler have Health Benefits?

Last updated Sept. 27, 2020

Air coolers have become very popular in most places across the world. They are fast replacing air conditioners as the number one cooling solution in homes and commercial buildings and facilities.

The reasons for this are obvious; they are affordable, very efficient, and cost-effective. Air coolers are also touted to have health benefits.

If you have been reading up about these wonderful machines, you must have heard that they offer health benefits. How true are these claims?

Well, from our findings, air coolers truly offer health benefits when compared to air conditioners and electric fans. How is this possible? We will discuss the specific ways they can offer health benefits to users right here:

Air Cooler can Efficiently Take Care of Extreme Heat

By its very primary function, an air cooler offers health benefits to humans. The major function of the machine is to reduce ambient temperature and make a space cool and comfortable for humans.

The importance of temperature control can never be overemphasized.

Without an efficient air-cooling system to take care of extreme temperatures, humans will be at risk of a number of health-related illnesses and emergencies.

Heatstroke, among a few other heat-related illnesses, can be fatal. It is important to take all possible measures to prevent these heat-related illnesses, and the use of air coolers is one of the best ways to do so.

By cooling the air and making you feel more comfortable at home, in a restaurant, and even in a warehouse or another kind of commercial property, air coolers save you from health emergencies linked to excessive heat.


ir Coolers Do Not Release Any Pollutant to the Air

Sometimes, it is important to compare air cooler with other cooling solutions to appreciate some of its health benefits. It is normal practice to compare air coolers and air conditioners in this regard because they are the commonest and most popular options used by homes and businesses. We are going to do that here as well.

Air conditioners are known to produce CO2 and a whole lot of other chemical substances as they work through the refrigeration process to cool a home or any kind of building. They also require that a space be closed when they are being used. All these have negative consequences on the quality of the indoor air and can certainly affect the humans taking in the air.

Air coolers are much friendlier to the indoor air and do not compromise the quality at all. They use two natural elements (air and water) to achieve evaporative cooling and make an indoor or outdoor space cool and comfortable.

They also work great in confined and open spaces. In fact, they require steady airflow and ventilation to work efficiently. This brings about air exchange, which further improves the quality of the air anywhere it is being used.

They Add Moisture to the Air and Improve Humidity

As mentioned in the paragraph above, air coolers use air and water to improve ambient temperature conditions in homes and other settings. This process also improves humidity wherever they are being used.

What happens is that as the hot air passes through the moist cooling pads, some of its heat energy is used up to evaporate the water on the moist pads.

The water that is displaced from the cooling pads does not stick in the evaporative cooling machine. Instead, layers of them are attached to the cool air that is pumped out from the machine.

This means that the air coming out from the machine is humid. As this process continues, the humidity of the area being cooled is improved too, and this has real benefits.

One of the first health benefits of improved humidity is that it improves comfort. Humid air is friendlier to the skin, which is a stark contrast to what dry air does to the skin.

Humid air is also more breathable. Dry air is also known to affect the eyes in some negative ways. When the humidity of air is improved, it will also be of immense benefit to the eyes.


The Cooling Pad Can Remove Pollutants

Many of us don’t think much about the quality of the air we are breathing in.

This is probably because it is difficult to detect air pollutants until they become too serious and overwhelming. In an air-conditioned environment, for instance, it is almost impossible to notice that the air quality has deteriorated.

But this is the reality, and you will know it when you consider some facts.

Air conditioners are known to introduce chemicals to the air as they cool it. Using them also means that the house or room to be conditioned is completely closed.

This means the old stale air is circulated over and over again as long as the AC is being used. All the pollutants will remain in the air, and the individuals in the space will keep breathing them in.

Contrary to what obtains with the use of air conditioners, the air-cooling process of evaporative coolers is much healthier.

The machines can take care of most pollutants that may find their way into the space.

The cooling pads can trap most pollutants. Again, air exchange helps to get rid of some of the pollutants.

Air Coolers are a Environmentally-Friendly Air Cooling Solution

Air coolers are regarded as environmentally friendly machines. Are you wondering what the relationship between environmental friendliness and health benefits is?

Well, there happen to be lots of benefits, and we have touched on some of them already.

Anything that protects the environment contributes in one way or the other to promote healthy living. Air coolers are environmentally friendly because they do not release pollutants into the air and because they do not consume lots of energy.

In many ways, these qualities help to keep our environments in healthy conditions. Their benefits are relevant now and in the future.



Back to the original question: does an air cooler have health benefits?

The answer is yes.

Air coolers have several health benefits due to the way they work. We have discussed the known ways they offer health benefits.

Choosing an air cooler over alternative air-cooling solutions will be the best decision for economic and health reasons.

If you have any further questions, contact us and we would be happy to help you.