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Are Air Coolers Beneficial for Everyone?

Last updated June. 28, 2019

If you have been curious about the best way to keep your home cool, you must have discovered that air coolers are highly recommended.

The eco-friendly machines that have been around for years are affordable air cooling solutions that are also energy efficient, making them the most cost-effective appliances for cooling.

They are also easy to install and maintain. Owning an air cooler will ultimately help you to survive the summer heat without spending a fortune on the electricity bills. Air coolers have many advantages.

Though they are excellent air cooling machines, air coolers might not be suitable under all weather conditions.

As we try to tell you all the benefits you can get from installing air coolers at home and in commercial places, it is also fair that we talk about some possible to help you make the right decision for your cooling needs.

We will discuss all the disadvantages or drawbacks of the machines in details and talk about possible fixes where applicable.


Unsuitable for Use in Areas with High Humidity

This is a major drawback of the evaporative cooler. It is the major reason some people will never experience the benefits the machines offer.

Air coolers are most ideal for dry and hot climate. While they will help to manage the temperature situation and humidity issues in such places, they are grossly inefficient in a highly humid environment.

The evaporative cooling process is ultimately dependent on the interaction of air and water. Where the air is in need of moisture (dry climates), the process is usually very efficient.

In places where the air already has high moisture content (humid climate), evaporative cooling doesn’t work well, and this means the air coolers will not be efficient.

There are levels of humidity that are tolerable for evaporative coolers. In certain places, the use of dehumidifier with air coolers can be effective.

As the dehumidifier removes moisture from the air, the air cooler will be able to work better.

In a hot and highly humid climate, however, the air cooler will not have any meaningful impact on the temperature, and it is best to invest in air conditioners, rather.

Limited In Terms Of Controlled Temperature Drop

Though air coolers are considered to be very efficient machines, there is a limit to the level of temperature drop they can achieve.

Generally, they cannot drop the temperature of certain places as much as air conditioners can achieve. They also take longer to cool a given space significantly.

There may need to run the pump system of air coolers first to get the cooling pads adequately damp before running the fan system to start the cooling process.

Even after this, it is almost impossible to obtain the level of cooling you can get with traditional air conditioners.

Air coolers can keep your home or commercial place comfortably cool. Though the temperature may not get as low as what you will get with air conditioners, it is often okay for optimum comfort.

Ensure that you have the right size of air cooler installed in any area of your home or commercial space.


Air Coolers are Effective in Open Spaces

Evaporative air coolers need a constant supply of air in order to work efficiently. This is actually a positive thing as recycling of air (like in air conditioners) is not healthy.

The need to change the air often, however, can be a problem in some situations.

If you are going to use your machine in commercial spaces or open areas only, this may never be an issue but if you need the machine for a little closed space, it can be a real issue.

Unless you find a way to get air into your home and get some of the cool damp air from the machine out of the space, evaporative cooling will be negatively impacted.

In areas where it is dangerous to keep the windows open or when there are allergens in the air outside, you won’t be able to use your air cooler unless you let in some air by opening somewhere.

If you must use an air cooler in a little space, make sure you create a path for air movement. This is the only way to get the machine working efficiently.


High Humidity for Some Weather Conditions

The evaporative cooling process adds moisture to the air. While this is a very desirable thing in a dry and hot climate, it is not so desirable in a humid environment.

This is basically because excessive humidity buildup will promote the growth of dust mites, mould and mildews. High humidity in a confined area can also lead to a condition known as hypersensitivity pneumonitis.

Such condition can also trigger an asthma attack and other allergic reactions as the harmful organisms in the air continue to multiply.

The chances of these issues are higher if the water tank of the air cooler is not properly maintained and microorganisms are already growing there.

Air coolers are wonderful machines that can help humans and animals to stay cool at homes and in commercial places.

Though they have so many benefits, there are some disadvantages that come with using them.

The five discussed here are the most notable ones. Your knowledge of them should help you take measures to address them and enjoy the benefits of owning air coolers.

If you have any further questions, contact us and we would be happy to help you.