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Possible Disadvantages of Air Conditioners

Last updated Aug. 23, 2019

Air conditioners are very popular machines across the world.

As summer heats up and people start to feel uncomfortable, air conditioners are the major machines to turn to.

In different homes and places of commercial activities, air conditioners are used to manage indoor temperature.

They are also very efficient in managing humidity, making sure that users obtain ultimate comfort.

Air conditioning also prevents electronics from overheating. They are necessary for certain office environments where computers and other electronic machines are used constantly.

Though air conditioners are generally held in high regard, there are some negative things about them that we can't just ignore.

From their mode of operation to the effect they have on energy bills, air conditioners are now seen by many as unfriendly air cooling solutions.

They are great in many ways but it is also important that users understand the drawbacks to be able to make a better decision for their air cooling needs.

If you want to know more about the drawbacks of air conditioners, we will comprehensively discuss the most important ones:


1. Could Result in Higher Energy Bills

Air conditioners use a lot of electricity.

This is the major reason many households and businesses notice a sharp increase in their electricity bills during the summer months.

Despite advances in technology, there are no air models of air conditioners that can be regarded as being energy efficient.

The refrigeration process which is used by all air conditioners require a lot of energy and this is basically why air conditioners cause energy bills to rise at an alarming rate.

The financial disadvantage of using the machines during the summer can be huge which is why many people and organizations are embracing alternative cooling solutions.


2. Could Cause Indoor Air Pollution

The refrigeration process is not the cleanest way to stay cool during the hot times of the year. The process involves circulating air through a Freon mechanism, similar to what happens in a refrigerator.

The chemical refrigerants used in the process are not quite healthy, and they are released into the indoor space where air conditioners are being used.

Air conditioners are also known to emit a significant amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.

All these in your indoor space will undermine the indoor air quality, exposing everyone in your house or commercial building to the health issues that result from air pollution.


3. Sick Building Syndrome

Sick building syndrome refers to a variety of health conditions that are brought on by time spent in certain indoor environments.

Some of the symptoms that are generally associated with the problem include dizziness, nausea, itchy eyes, and dry throats.

This problem is mostly found among people that spend most times of their days indoors; especially people that work long hours in offices.

It is believed that air conditioners contribute to sick building syndrome.

A study in a reputable journal found that ‘air-conditioned' buildings generally have a higher prevalence of symptomatic workers than naturally ventilated buildings.'


4. Poor Maintainance Could Lead to Breeding of Infectious Organisms

A poorly maintained air conditioner system can breed infectious organisms.

Dirty air filters are known to harbour bacteria and other harmful microorganisms.

This can be a major health risk, especially when other allergens like dust, hair follicles, and others pile up in the air filter of air conditioning systems.

The allergens will be distributed throughout the building once the system is switched on.

Cleaning the air filter regularly and maintaining the air conditioners accordingly can help to minimize the risks of respiratory tract infections.

Finding alternative and healthier solutions should be considered too.


5. Can Aggravate Respiratory Problems

Excessive use of air conditioners has been severally linked to several health issues including respiratory problems.

Considering that they directly interfere with the air, this is not surprising.

The respiratory system is naturally sensitive to changes in air temperature and humidity and once there is meaningful change in these parameters, it will be affected.

This is why even the respiratory system of a healthy person will take time to adjust when the person enters an air-conditioned environment.

Air conditioners generally exacerbate the symptoms of various respiratory diseases



6. Could Be Unsafe for Certain Skin/Eye Conditions

Air conditioners take away moisture from the air. An air-conditioned room is consequently dry, which is never the best condition for the skin.

Spending too much time in an air-conditioned environment will leave the skin dry and also affect the mucous membrane negatively.

It has also been found that air conditioning can worsen eye issues like conjunctivitis and blepharitis.

Due to the drying effect, air conditioning also affects people that wear contact lenses negatively.


7. Not Very Environmentally-Friendly

Another major negative of the air conditioner is its effect on the environment.

As mentioned earlier in this article, the refrigeration process used by the air conditioner is not clean; there are chemical coolants involved that are released into the atmosphere during the process.

Air conditioners also release a significant amount of greenhouse gases.

All these contribute to environmental pollution.

The use of air conditioners also has an indirect impact on the ongoing destruction of the environment for power generation

Air conditioners and other electronics that consume too much electricity exert pressure on power grids, leading to increased burning of fossil fuels for power generation.

Air conditioners are highly efficient when it comes to cooling indoor spaces and making residential and commercial buildings comfortable.

They also have some negatives that users must consider.

The points discussed above are the major disadvantages of the machine that users should know about.

Evaporative air coolers are the perfect alternatives to air conditioners, but intending buyers must be sure the machine is ideal for their climate.

If you have any further questions, contact us and we would be pleased to help you.