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Advantages of Air Coolers

Last updated Jan. 13, 2020

In the last decade, air coolers have become more popular than ever.

Households and some businesses in many parts of the world are switching from traditional air conditioners to air coolers for a variety of important reasons.

As you can expect from a machine that is fast overtaking other cooling solutions in most parts of the world, air coolers offer advantages over the other cooling solutions.

Are you still wondering whether buying air coolers will be a good or bad decision? We will discuss some of the advantages of air coolers straightaway.

They Are Way More Affordable

This is the first thing most people consider when they choose to buy air coolers. The machines are normally advertised as affordable, which is the truth.

Most units of air coolers are sold at prices that are just a fraction of what it will cost to buy air conditioners.

Depending on the size of your house or the property you need to install air coolers, you may need one or more units. At any rate, the costs of the units are significantly lower than the unit cost of air conditioners of the same size.


They Come in Different Types and Sizes

Air coolers come in different sizes and types. They also come in different models manufactured by different companies in different parts of the world. You will have several options to choose from when you want to buy.

The availability of different options also means you can find just what is right for you. Depending on your specific cooling needs, you will find a machine that can cool it effectively without costing you a lot of money.

They Are Easy To Install

Easy installation is another major advantage offered by air coolers. When compared to what obtains with air conditioners, installing air coolers can best be described as a breeze.

Most buyers will be able to install their air coolers without professional help.

Even if you need to call in the experts to help with the installation of air coolers, the cost of installation will be minimal. Since it is not a difficult process, they will finish the job early and charge less. Some portable air coolers don't need installation at all. You just unbox, and they are ready for use.

They Are Economical

If you are looking for economical air cooling solutions, air coolers are the most effective ones. They consume very little energy, which translates to lower electricity bills.

It is on record that most air coolers use about 25% or less the electricity air conditioners use to achieve the same level of cooling.

The energy-efficiency of air coolers does not only offer economic benefits. It is generally great for our environment. More on that later.

They Require Less Maintenance

You don't want to invest in an air cooling solution that will be difficult and expensive to maintain. That is another impressive advantage air coolers offer. They require less maintenance. In fact, most of the routine maintenance can be performed by the owner.

It is necessary to you invite the professional for scheduled maintenance of your air coolers. The good news is that even when you do, you can be relaxed about the cost of maintenance as it is normally cheap.

Repairs Are Affordable

Another key area of importance in using air coolers is what obtains when you need to repair your machines. When they are used properly and maintained the right way, air coolers can last for years without any major problem.

When eventually they break down, the repair is not often a big deal.

One of the reasons air coolers repairs doesn't cause headache is the fact that the machine is made up of a few essential parts. These parts, like the full units, are not expensive. This means when any of the parts is damaged, it can be sourced and replaced at an affordable price.


They Are Portable

Portability is another wonderful advantage offered by air coolers. Depending on your cooling needs, you can get a small unit that is easy to move about.

As mentioned already, the machines come in different sizes, so you will find a size that will fit any specific need.

Most air coolers also come with castor wheels and trolleys attached to them for improved portability. This makes it easy and convenient to move them around to meet your needs at any given time and space.

They Offer Healthy Cooling

Sometimes, people don’t consider health reasons when installing some home appliances, which is very bad. There are concerns about the health implications of using air conditioners, especially when they are not properly maintained.

Air coolers address these concerns properly.

The evaporative air cooler is regarded as a healthy machine because it doesn’t pose any health hazard. The machine uses the natural elements of air and water to cool the temperature through evaporative cooling.

No harmful gases are released in the process, unlike what happens with air conditioning, which involves the use of chemical refrigerants.

They Are Eco-Friendly

To save our planet, the world is steadily moving towards eco-friendly solutions. Air coolers happen to be the answer when it comes to cooling the home without hurting the environment. As mentioned earlier, they use only air and water, and they do not release any harmful chemicals.

Energy-efficiency is another reason air coolers are regarded as eco-friendly air cooling solutions. Since they consume very little energy, they put less pressure on power plants and the need to burn fossil fuel.


Some Are Compatible With Inverter

If you live in a place where electricity is not guaranteed and you want to keep your home cool at all times during summer, air coolers can make that possible for you. You will only need to buy the types that are compatible with inverters.

You already know that air coolers do not need as much power as air conditioners to run. This advantage shouldn’t come as a big surprise, but it is something to be excited about.

In many places around the world, air coolers are life-savers. They offer the perfect air cooling solution in hot, dry climates. In addition to cooling the air, they improve humidity.

Overall, they are better than air conditioners, except in a highly humid environment where they can't work efficiently. But as you can tell from this piece, they offer many advantages over alternative cooling solutions.

If you have any further questions, contact us and we would be happy to help you.