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ABOUT US was established in 2013. We sell and distribute evaporative and portable air coolers across South Africa. We are experts in the air cooling industry and we strive to provide top quality air coolers at a very affordable price. Our units are designed to create the best cooling experience for you, your family and your staff. Our units are sold and distributed all across South Africa and we have so many happy clients.

We provide our customers with environmentally friendly coolers, that can be used for longer hours without excessive load on electricity. Our drive is your satisfaction and to help you create a cool and healthy environment. Furthermore, we have guarantees on all our units. In case you do have a problem – we always keep spares in stock for our models.

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Our air coolers help cooling down, humidifying and refreshing the air to provide you with a comfortable environment. Our units cool air without having to close all the doors and windows and help save energy. These are also environmentally-friendly and release no CFC's and have a low running cost (1.1kw/h for a 150sqm area). Not just that, but our air coolers contribute in removing dust, firedamp, nicotine and other harmful materials from the air, preventing odour and leaving cleaner fresher air.


  • Fresh, cool air helps increase relaxation and helps create a comfortable environment which helps increase productivity at workplace.
  • Keeping doors and windows open allows proper circulation of fresh air unlike air conditioners, which circulate stale air.
  • Using less electricity whilst cooling enables prolonged use without the electricity bill becoming ridiculously high.


To Deliver Quality Air Coolers And Spread Smiles