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6 Habits of People with Clean Homes

Last updated Jan. 18, 2017

Do you ever wonder the secrets to having a habitually clean home? Chances are you know someone who always has a pristine home no matter when you happen to visit. They may even have children and still, their home is always clean and orderly. How do they do that?

Well, we are about to tell you exactly how they manage to keep their homes so neat. There are a few tricks of the trade and it all has to do with the habits that we adopt.

6 Habits of People Who Have a Continuously Clean House:

1: Organization:

This is one of the true keys to a clean and well-kept home. An old adage that states, "There is a place for everything and everything in its place." This is actually, a very well stated fact. A great habit to adopt is to put things away as soon as you are done with them. Keep kid's toys put away.

Use organizers in drawers to keep items organized and in easy reach. Make great use of bookshelves and wall hooks. Put clean clothes in their drawers of hung in the closet. Closet organizers in the bedroom and hall closets help to store things neatly and out of sight.

2: Cut the Clutter:

People who have clean homes know how to cut the clutter. Magazines, craft supplies, hobby paraphernalia, it all adds up to messes in every room. Put it all away. Throw away old magazines. Are you keeping them because they hold great information?

Maybe they have a recipe that you have always wanted to try? Take out the information and tuck it away in a file folder instead. Chances are, if the magazine is over a year old then you probably won't need that information anyway.

Put your craft and hobby supplies in boxes then store them in a convenient place out of sight. Pull them out when you need them then put them back when you're done. For that ever-annoying paper trail that likes to pile up and clutter the house, file away your receipts, paperwork and other records in file folders to be put in your desk drawer or filing cabinet.

3: Get Rid of Superfluous Stuff:

Do you have five umbrellas in your bedroom or eight spatulas in the kitchen? Get rid of your duplicates if they do not serve an individual and specific need. Superfluous stuff creates more mess to clean up. It consists of those items that you have and do not need nor ever use.

Quite often they are duplicates of stuff you already use. People who keep a clean house tend to get rid of the superfluous that clutters the environment and makes clean up even harder.

4: Clean Diligently After Every Use:

It is easier to keep bathrooms and kitchens clean if you wipe them down and straighten them after every use. In the bathrooms, wipe down the shower, shower doors or curtains, the tub and sink after each use. By doing so, you avoid unsightly build-up of harsh stains that will be tough to scrub off later.

Straighten up the bathroom counter and put things away immediately after use. In the kitchen, wipe the counters, stove top and sink after each use. Clean and put dishes away and wipe the appliances when they get dirty. This all helps to keep your kitchen clean-up time minimal with maximum results.

5: Clean Regularly:

Vacuum your carpets on a weekly basis, or more often than that if they visibly need it. Sweep the floors every night and mop once a week or more if needed. Straighten things up and put things away every day. Dusting is very important and is often overlooked. Dust off your table spaces, shelving, lamps, and d├ęcor every week.

Do not forget to dust the fans and ceiling fans, shutters or blinds, and window sills as well. The glass of your windows should be cleaned once a month. Clean your mirrors once a week or more if they get dirty. By cleaning regularly, you make the job a lot easier to manage and have a home that look neater.

6: Chores:

This is a magical little key to a clean and organized house. Everyone in the home should have chores to do. If you have school age kids, they should learn to do chores. This helps to teach them to take care of their environment, it teaches them responsibility and how to take care of their things. It also gives them a job to do within the family to begin instilling a work ethic.

Make sure to pick age appropriate chores for your kids. Don't give them too many and also, don't give them chores that are too hard for them to perform. Parents should also have chores. Whether you work outside the home or not, both parents should have their chores to perform to keep the house clean and neat.

A clean home is a group effort. It also takes organization and forming habits that will need fortitude and determination to nurture and grow.

With the formation of these new habits, your home will be the envy of others in the neighborhood and you will not have to worry when friends or family unexpectedly drop by for a visit. Your home will remain clean and neatly organized for whatever life throws your way!

If you have any further questions, contact us and we would be happy to help you.