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5 Reasons Why You Need An Air Cooler

Last updated Feb. 15, 2017

The popular solution to the summer heat invading our home is air coolers. Air coolers have been around a lot longer and offer benefits that conditioners cannot even fathom. Air coolers are also better than using house fans. Coolers are simply the ultimate in air cooling systems and here’s why:

1. The Cool Air Necessity

Everyone needs an air cooling system in their home or business. It is imperative to good health. When researching your options for the perfect system, your choices are limited to:

Open Windows and Fans: Open windows allow in the outside temperatures which are nice on a cool day but not so much on a day that is very hot. Fans come in all sizes and shapes: electric, ceiling, whole-house fans, etc. They all work on the same premises of pushing your existing air around the room or pushing outside air into your home. On hot days, they do not keep you efficiently cooled.

Air Conditioners: This system relies on electricity and harsh chemicals to cool your home. They also recirculate the same air throughout the day.

Air Coolers: This system works on a water and fan system, electricity is minimal. Air is pulled through the fan and over water soaked pads that then cool the air before it is distributed throughout your space. It continually brings in fresh air and cools it naturally.

2. Cost Savvy

Air coolers have low-cost installation. Whether you choose a large permanent air cooler or a window unit, the cost of installation is minimal to nil. Also, this perk is by far not the only way to save money using an air cooler. Since an air cooler runs on a fan and water it will not raise your electric bills sky high the way that air conditioners will.

The electricity that is used is a very tiny amount as compared to the air conditioner. This is the perfect solution for those on a tight budget and for homes in areas that need to employ energy conservation. A popular question asked is: “But will my water bill go up?” The answer is not significantly. Water is not being used in large amounts therefore, the air cooler’s water consumption is not a problem and will barely raise your water bills if at all.

3. Ecologically Friendly

Air coolers are friendly to the environment. They work on air and water, you can’t get much more ecologically sound than that! On the opposite side of the spectrum, air conditioners operate on electricity and harsh chemical coolants to cool your air. If there is a leak, these harsh chemicals can seep into your soil or get distributed airborne into your home.

4. Low Maintenance

With the exception of cleaning your unit before it is shut off at the end of the season, you really do not have any more maintenance other than cleaning your filters once or twice a year. Fans and conditioners, on the other hand, can break easily and need to be repaired or replaced.

Air conditioners will need to be professionally serviced. If an air cooler does have a problem it can usually be fixed by the homeowner themselves with-out calling out for professional help that will cost a lot of money.

5. Health

Air coolers distribute a constant and steady supply of fresh air throughout your home or business all day long. Because the air is always pulled in from outside then filtered, it is always fresh. For hot and dry areas, the air cooler is the best option as it will provide cool air plus the thin layer of moisture that your home and health will need in such a harsh climate.

When the air gets hot and dry, it dries out our nasal passages and causes allergy flare up and sinus infections. For those suffering from these issues the air cooler with help to make these health problems a thing of the past.

Air conditioners dry out the air. If you are in an area that already sees air dryness, the conditioner will only compound the problem causing nosebleeds and other risks. Switching to an air cooler is an obvious conclusion here as it will improve your health and safety.

Electric fans are not a good option in terms of health. They get dirty very easily and just redistribute those airborne germs throughout your house. They work great if the outside air is cool but once it reaches 30 degrees C, the air that the fan blows is hot and will overheat your body creating dangerous and unknown levels of dehydration.

If you have any further questions, contact us and we would be happy to help you.