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5 Environmental Benefits of Air Coolers

Last updated June. 8, 2018

In most places, it is absolutely impossible to stay through the summer months without cooling appliances. The heat can be so intense that it will not only cause discomfort but will also lead to some health challenges. It is important, therefore, to have an air cooling solution in place to combat the heat and prevent some of the problems it can cause.

There are basically three types of air cooling solutions used around the world today. Electric fans, air conditioners and air coolers are the major appliances that can be found in many homes as cooling appliances.

These machines perform the same function of regulating the temperature conditions in homes, offices, commercial buildings, and relaxation spots. They use different methods of cooling but they all consume electricity in the process. The levels of cooling they offer also differs.

Generally, the properties of these cooling solutions differ greatly, and we will consider one of the most important factors everyone should consider why looking for air cooling solutions – environmental friendliness.

Why It Is Important To Consider Environmental Friendliness.

With increased global warming and the realities of its many impacts on the environment, there have been several calls for people to seek solutions to problems in a way that wouldn’t hurt the environment further.

Already, the ozone layer has been depleted to a degree that is seriously affecting the climate due to the activities of humans. It is up to humans, also, to find ways to mitigate the challenges.

As much as we need cooling, we also need our environment to be safe. The different cooling solutions mentioned above have their impacts on the environment. There have been several concerns about the use of air conditioners and the impact on the environment.

Air coolers, on the other hand, have been hailed for being environmentally friendly to a great extent. We will consider five important environmental benefits of air coolers below.


They Use Natural Process To Produce Clean ‘Cooled Air’

The most spectacular thing about the air cooler is that it uses a natural process to achieve cooling. Evaporative cooling is a natural process. There is no use of artificial coolant as seen in the refrigeration process adopted in air conditioners.

The elements needed to achieve cooling in air coolers are water and air alone. The units are basically made of water pumps, water-soaked pads, a fan, and a water source (mostly internal water tank or an external source). When the units are switched on, the pump wets the cooling pads. Hot air from the surrounding is sucked in by the cooling pads.

As the air hits the cooling pads, it loses some of its heat that is used to cause evaporation of the liquid water. The resultant cooled air has a layer of moisture added to it and is much fresher. The process is purely natural and the air it produces is fresh and great for the environment.

They Produce No CFCs Or HFCs

As has been explained earlier, evaporative cooling is a natural process. It doesn’t need any chemical for the process and in effect, it doesn’t release any form of harmful chemical to the environment. Air conditioners normally release chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) into the atmosphere, and these chemicals are among the major impurities in the atmosphere.  

The amount of HFCs and CFCs that have been released into the atmosphere as a result of the use of air conditioners is quite significant and the use of air coolers has already done so much to mitigate this trend.

The Cooling Pads Of Air Coolers Can Also Help To Filter The Air

The major function of the pads in air coolers is to cool the air. In addition to this, they can also help to remove some airborne contaminants as the air pass through them. Once the pads are constantly cleaned and maintained, they are very efficient in filtering the air.

In urban areas where the air is steadily polluted, this is a very important quality. It has health benefits as well as environmental benefits.

In dry climates, there are lots of contaminants in the air. With properly maintained air coolers, the air can be purified to a great degree and this result to cleaner air for both humans and other living organisms in the environment.


They Do Not Release Reasonable Amount Of Greenhouse Gases To The Atmosphere

There are so many activities of man that release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. The use of air conditioners is one of such. A single air conditioner unit is believed to release tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) and some other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

These gases are harmful to humans, and when accumulated in the atmosphere, they undermine the quality of the environment.

Air coolers, on the other hand, are not known to emit a significant amount of greenhouse gases when they are being used. It is generally believed that they release just about 10% of the number of greenhouse gases released by air conditioners. This makes them viable alternatives.

As green products, air coolers are playing a significant role in the fight to reduce the amount of carbon accumulated in the atmosphere and the resultant problems they cause to the environment.


They Consume Less Energy

Air coolers are known for their energy efficiency. A standard air cooler unit consumes just about 10% of the energy consumed by a standard air conditioner. This may seem like an economic advantage alone, but when you consider the way electricity is produced, you will understand why this is beneficial to the environment.

Electricity is normally produced as a result of burning fossil fuel. Any process that puts pressure on the energy grid contributes to environmental degradation. If more units that use low energy are used, this will make a significant impact on the reduction of the burning of fossil fuel and other activities that contribute to environmental pollution and degradation.

Air coolers are fast becoming the most sought-after air cooling solution in many parts of the world. They provide affordable cooling and are easy to install and maintain.

The need to protect the environment also means that man has to look for environmentally friendly products. For air cooling solution, air coolers are the best appliances.

They are quite environmentally friendly, and we have examined some of the most significant environmental benefits of the machine. You can go ahead and enjoy your units with the confidence that they are eco-friendly and contributing to make the world a better place.

If you have any further questions, contact us and we would be happy to help you.